Security Advisory WSO2-2017-0267

Published: September 04, 2017

Severity: Medium

CVSS Score: 4.8 (CVSS:3.0/AV:N/AC:L/PR:H/UI:R/S:C/C:L/I:L/A:N)


  • WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0
  • WSO2 App Manager 1.2.0
  • WSO2 Application Server 5.3.0
  • WSO2 Business Process Server 3.6.0
  • WSO2 Business Rules Server 2.2.0
  • WSO2 Complex Event Processor 4.2.0
  • WSO2 Dashboard Server 2.0.0
  • WSO2 Data Analytics Server 3.1.0
  • WSO2 Data Services Server 3.5.1
  • WSO2 Enterprise Integrator 6.1.1
  • WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.2.0
  • WSO2 Governance Registry 5.4.0
  • WSO2 Identity Server 5.3.0
  • WSO2 IoT Server 3.0.0
  • WSO2 Machine Learner 1.2.0


A potential Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability has been identified in the Registry browser of the Management Console.


A reflected XSS attack could be performed in the Registry Browser of the Management Console by sending an HTTP GET request with a harmful request parameter.


An attacker can trick a privileged user to click a crafted URL via email, IM or a neutral website, then the attacker can make the browser to get redirected to a malicious website, make changes in the UI of the web page, retrieve information from the browser or harm otherwise.

However, since all the session related sensitive cookies are set with httpOnly flag and protected, session hijacking or similar attacks would not be possible.


Apply the following patches based on your product version by following the instructions in the README file. If you have any questions, post them to

Download the relevant patches based on the products you use following the matrix below. Patches can also be downloaded from Security Patch Releases.

Code Product Version Patch
AM WSO2 API Manager 2.1.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1310
APPM WSO2 App Manager 1.2.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1316
AS WSO2 Application Server 5.3.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1323
BPS WSO2 Business Process Server 3.6.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1314
BRS WSO2 Business Rules Server 2.2.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1323
CEP WSO2 Complex Event Processor 4.2.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1310
DS WSO2 Dashboard Server 2.0.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1322
DAS WSO2 Data Analytics Server 3.1.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1310
DSS WSO2 Data Services Server 3.5.1 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1316
EI WSO2 Enterprise Integrator 6.1.1 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1313
EMM WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.2.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1327
GREG WSO2 Governance Registry 5.4.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1308
IS WSO2 Identity Server 5.3.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1304
IoTS WSO2 IoT Server 3.0.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1312
ML WSO2 Machine Learner 1.2.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-1316


If you are using newer versions of the products than the ones mentioned in the "SOLUTION" section, this vulnerability is fixed.