Security Advisory WSO2-2016-0141

Published: October 31, 2016


  • WSO2 API Manager 2.0.0
  • WSO2 App Manager 1.2.0
  • WSO2 Application Server 5.3.0
  • WSO2 Dashboard Server 2.0.0
  • WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.0.1
  • WSO2 Governance Registry 5.3.0


Remote Code Execution vulnerability exists during the object de-serialization in Apache Commons Collection 3.2.1.


The Apache Commons Collections library contains various classes in the functor package which are serializable and use reflection. This can be exploited for remote code execution attacks by injecting specially crafted objects to applications that de-serialize java objects from untrusted sources.


If you have an endpoint that accepts serialized Java objects (JMX, RMI, remote EJB, ...) you can combine the two to create arbitrary remote code execution vulnerability. By exploiting the vulnerability, the end user would be able to execute commands on the WSO2 server.


For WSO2 Update Manager (WUM) Supported Products

Use WUM to update the following products.

Code Product Version
AM WSO2 API Manager 2.0.0

For Other Products

Apply the following patches based on your products by following the instructions in the README file. Patches can also be downloaded from Security Patch Releases. If you have any questions, post them to

Code Product Version Patch
APPM WSO2 App Manager 1.2.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-0384
AS WSO2 Application Server 5.3.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-0384
DS WSO2 Dashboard Server 2.0.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-0384
EMM WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.0.1 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-0384
GREG WSO2 Governance Registry 5.3.0 WSO2-CARBON-PATCH-4.4.0-0384


If you are using newer versions of the products than the ones mentioned in the "SOLUTION" section, this vulnerability is fixed.